Friday, January 25, 2008

New May from Arlington Hills

New May's photo is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello;My name is New May Thaw.I from Burma.I have lived in Minnesota for five months.I live in a house.Edgerton St.I have been in english school for three months.I studying bisic computersk skills,conversation and food prep job.Iam volunteer at Alley shoppe.I check the clothes sizes,dirty and clean.I am team leader too.I have been there for three months.I like to work with supervisor,teachers and my friends. I would like more hours.I want to practic english at work and how to write team lead notes and to explain direction to my team

Anonymous said...

hello haw are you iam fine i came from africa i have been in use in 3 year iam work abbot hospital my name mohammed

Anonymous said...

Hello;My name is Susana torres.I am from Mexico I live in house on south minneapolis I have been in English School for 1 mounth now we studing about budget,savings,spending,goals for de future,etc I do not work because I am pregnant but I care my son in my house end in the future I want to work.